giovedì 18 dicembre 2014

Auguri dalla Biblioteca

La Danza appartiene al silenzio dello spirito 
                                            (Martha Graham)

Manuela Canali responsabile bibliotecario,
Antonella Altavilla assistente di biblioteca,
Nika Tomasevic, curatrice del blog,
Mariangela Olmeda volontaria,
Grazia Pia Sabatelli volontaria,
Maria Rinaldi borsista dell'Accademia,
Desirée Carletti tirocinante dalla Università
degli Studi Tor Vergata.  

This is Francesca Vinci and I teach English to the first year undergraduate 
students. However, I would not be here if there were not my students, my 
loud, quiet, fantastic dancers. 
They are the AND: they are its walls and its concrete; they are its sky and 
etoiles and to shine even brighter they need a guide, as the sailors needed 
their Polaris and the Wise Men needed their Bethlehem Star looking for the 
Newborn King.
Merry Christams from me and my students whose thoughts summerise 
the poetry and graceful art that can be almost smelled by entering the 

Dancer, sacrifices, discipline, rhythm, music, freedom. Dance is LIFE.

'Dance is the expression of what I have in my soul that I write with my arms, 
legs and heart... and the body becomes poetry.'

'A dancer is a soul that follows the rhythm of music and moves gracefully in 
the air, while carressing it.'
'... when I dance, I speak of me, of my true self, of my past and of my 
exeriences without using words because they are not enough, most of the 
'When my body changes through its movements, my inner self changes 
itself in its emotions, sensations and personalities.'

Dancing is the best expression of our human and angelic nature. 

Buon Natale from us all. 

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